Equipment Manuals

Whether you're looking for a specific piece of equipment, determining new testing methods, or just beginning the process, ChemInstruments provides equipment manuals with in-depth information. Please browse our manuals below and click to download. ChemInstruments provides as much useful information as possible; if you can’t find what you’re looking for, please contact us directly and one of our professional technicians will be happy to help.  

AR-1000 (Adhesion/Release Tester)

AR-2000 (Adhesion/Release Tester)

BP-1000 (Burst/Perforation Tester)

BP-2000 (Burst/Perforation Tester)

CAM-PLUS (Contact Angle Meter)

COF-1000 (Coefficient of Friction Tester)

COF-2000 (Coefficient of Friction Tester)

DS-1000 (Dynamic Shear Tester)

DS-2000 (Dynamic Shear Tester)

EC-100 (Motorized Drawdown Coater)

EC-100-RODS (Wire Wound Coating Rods Chart)

EC-200 (EZ Coater)




HL-100 (Hot Roll Laminator)

HL-200 (Hot Roll Laminator)

HLC-101 (Hot Melt Drawdown Coater)

HLCL-1000 (Hot Melt Laborator Coater Laminator)

HSR-1000 (High Speed Release Tester)

HSR-2000 (High Speed Release Tester)

HSU-1100 (High Speed Unwind Tester)

HSU-2000 (High Speed Unwind Tester)

LC-100 (Laboratory Drawn Coater)

LL-100 (Benchtop Laboratory Laminator)

LT-1000 (Loop Tack Tester)

LT-2000 (Loop Tack Tester)

MI-1000 (Micrometer)

PA-1000-90 (90° Peel Tester)

PA-1000-180 (180° Peel Tester)

PMA-1000 (Probe Material Analyzer)

PMA-2000 (Probe Material Analyzer)

PT-1000 (Probe Tack Tester)

PT-2000 (Probe Tack Tester)

RD (Roll Down Machine)

RDS-100 (Rotary Die Slitter)

S-O-8 Oven (Mechanical Convection Ovens)

SS-OSI-8 Oven (Integrated Shear and Oven)

Static Shear & EZ Shear (Static Shear Tester)

TT-1100 (Tensile Tester)

TT-2000 (Tensile Tester)