About Us

Your Complete Source for Adhesive Testing Equipment

ChemInstruments is the comprehensive resource for all of your adhesive testing equipment needs. You can confidently design and build a state-of-the art adhesive testing lab or an R&D department with high quality, precision equipment from ChemInstruments.

ChemInstruments is your single source for:

  • PSA testing equipment
  • Material testing equipment
  • Sample preparation equipment

Our equipment is ideal for testing:

  • Adhesives
  • Coatings
  • Sealants
  • Paper, film, and foil-based materials

This equipment can be used for a variety of consumer and industrial applications including labels, tags, tapes, printing, and packaging.

Quality Assured

You can test and develop your products knowing our equipment has been field tested by experts for over 25 years. With ChemInstruments' high quality and durable products, your adhesive testing or materials lab will be using test equipment that meets standards recommended by organizations such as PSTC, TLMI, ASTM, TAPPI, AFERA, and FINAT.

ChemInstruments manufactures products for sample preparation and testing in the following categories:

Meeting Your Unique Customized Testing Requirements

ChemInstruments' engineering staff can provide equipment solutions for a variety of applications. Based on our standard product line of versatile test platforms and flexible software, we can quickly develop effective and customized solutions to meet your testing requirements. When new testing platforms are needed, ChemInstruments can design and prototype new platforms and provide you with unique and timely solutions.

EZ Lab and EZ Shear Data Management Software Enhance Reporting

ChemInstruments has developed a proprietary software system to work seamlessly with all of our load cell based testing devices. The EZ Lab data management software system provides advanced reporting and analysis capabilities in a user-friendly and simple format. This intuitive, easy-to-use software provides graphs, statistical analysis, and numerous options for presenting test data results. EZ Lab, in combination with test equipment from ChemInstruments, provides a complete testing and reporting platform for reliable traceability.

Also available at ChemInstruments are new static shear testers with the EZ Shear data management software system. ChemInstruments combines a state-of-the-art programmable logic controller with an intuitive touch screen display to create a sophisticated tester. This system will capture the exact time and temperature of failure for your samples. This combination also provides a complete reporting platform. 

Proven Testing Equipment

All testing equipment and software from ChemInstruments is tested and routinely used in our own ISO-13485 accredited Chemsultants testing lab. This provides ChemInstruments with direct feedback throughout the design and testing process prior to market introduction. Constant evaluation of our test equipment through real-time, real-world experience means you can have total confidence in all our products.

Find Out More

Contact us to find out more about our complete list of products for your testing lab and development facility. ChemInstruments' equipment is available directly from our factory and U.S. sales office located in Fairfield, Ohio (Greater Cincinnati area). Please view our international network of sales and service representatives to find a location near you.