EZ Lab


Product Overview

EZ Lab Software Benefits

  • One main screen contains all commands to easily set up and operate each machine
  • Test data is automatically graphed upon test completion
  • Pertinent data points are highlighted on the graph page for easy reference
  • Files are automatically saved in the root directory for security purposes 
  • Files may also be saved anywhere on a local network
  • Test data files are transferable across networks and on the Internet
  • Test results can be shared in Adobe.PDF file format
  • Tests can be tabulated for statistical analysis
  • Convert EZ Lab files into Microsoft Excel files with one click
  • View time and temperature data on the same reports 
  • Previous tests are always available for review

EZ-Lab Equipment Manual


System Requirements

  • Personal Computer operating Microsoft Windows 7, 8, 10, or 11
  • 4 MB of RAM
  • Pentium processor, 200 MHZ or higher
  • RS-232 COM port or USB with converter to RS-232
  • 3MB of hard drive space



EZ Lab Data Management software can be used with the following test equipment:

  • AR-1000
  • BP-1000
  • COF-1000
  • DS-1000
  • HSR-1000
  • HSU-1000
  • LT-1000
  • PA-1000-90
  • PA-1000-180
  • PMA-1000
  • PT-1000
  • TT-100

Our EZ Lab Laboratory Management software interfaces with all 1000 series load cell based testing platforms. The software is simple to learn and an easy way to get more out of your ChemInstruments testing equipment. EZ Lab provides test data results in a report-ready format. This easy to use software provides graphical reporting and statistical analysis capabilities from any Microsoft Windows based personal computer. This software is not compatible with EZ Data or our newer 2000 series equipment. Only available with a RS-232 connection.

Current Version: 3.9