EZ Lab

EZ-Lab software interfaces:
with all of ChemInstruments' 1000 and 1100 units for load cell based testing platforms. The software is a very simple and intuitive way to get more out of your testing equipment.
EZ-Lab software provides:
test data results in report-ready format. This easy to use software provides powerful statistical analysis and reporting capabilities on any Microsoft Windows based personal computer. EZ-Lab is not compatible with EZ-Data units.

Product Overview

EZ Lab Software Benefits

  • One main screen contains all commands to easily set up and operate each machine
  • Test data is automatically graphed upon test completion
  • Pertinent data points are highlighted on the graph page for easy reference
  • Files are automatically saved in the root directory for security purposes 
  • Files may also be saved anywhere on a local network
  • Test data files are transferable across networks and on the Internet
  • Test results can be shared in Adobe.PDF file format
  • Tests can be tabulated for statistical analysis
  • Convert EZ Lab files into Microsoft Excel files with one click
  • View time and temperature data on the same reports 
  • Previous tests are always available for review

EZ-Lab Equipment Manual


System Requirements

  • Personal Computer operating Microsoft Windows 7, 8 or 10
  • 4 MB of RAM
  • Pentium processor, 200 MHZ or higher
  • RS-232 COM port or USB with converter to RS-232
  • 3MB of hard drive space



EZ Lab Data Management software can be used with the following test equipment:

  • AR-1000
  • BP-1000
  • COF-1000
  • DS-1000
  • HSR-1000
  • HSU-1000
  • LT-1000
  • PA-1000-90
  • PA-1000-180
  • PMA-1000
  • PT-1000
  • TT-100

Cable for USB to RS-232 connection for machines