Q.  Are demos available from ChemInstruments?

A.  Yes, we can demonstrate our equipment in our demo lab in Fairfield, OH or more detailed demonstrations on our equipment at our sister company, Chemsultants International, Inc. in Mentor, OH. 

Q.  What kind of training is available?

A.  At ChemInstruments we can train you to use the equipment that you purchase.  For more detailed, in-depth training or how to perform specific adhesive testing, please refer to the Chemsultants training link.

Q.  How can I contact a sales representative in my area?

A.  You can call ChemInstruments any time to speak to a knowledgeable employee or see a comprehensive list of our Partners around the world

Q.  Is calibration service available?

A.  Yes, please contact us for details.

Q. Is there a formula used to determine the gap setting on a lab coater?

A.  When using the LC-100, we begin the process with the following formula.           

               Gap setting = [(target coat weight / % solids) X 1.4] + liner thickness               

                Example:  (2.0 mil dry / 50% solids) X 1.4 = 5.6 mils                               

In this example, set the gap at 5.6 mils on the first pull, then check the coat weight after drying.  Adjust +/- as necessary. 

Please note:  take into consideration your type of liner or backing on which you are coating. For consistency, zero the coater with the metering bar resting on top of the bottom roll and clamp it in place. Then raise the bar up to pass the substrate through. Using the example above, to coat a 50% solids formulation onto a 2.0 mil PET liner, set the gap for 7.6 mils. This will ensure 5.6 mils of wet material being deposited on the substrate. This is a rough estimate to reach a target coat weight. The speed of the substrate, the viscosity and rheology of the formulation, the uniformity of the substrate, and other factors will play a critical role in the final coat weight of the coating. Expecting trial and error is wise to determine the final gap setting for your system.  

Q.  Is your EZ Lab software available to download on your website?

A.  No, however, we can mail you a CD for demonstration purposes. 

Q.  Are the batteries replaceable on the ChemInstruments Shear Timers?

A.  Batteries are only replaceable on some models.  Please contact ChemInstruments with the shear tester serial number and the timer’s display border color.

Q.  What should I do when I get a “Run time error 9” message when using EZ Lab?

A.  The Run Time error 9 is an addressing error that typically appears when too many test files are stored in the EZ Lab program.  Archive all or a portion of the test files and the error should be resolved.

Q. Can I place an order online?

A. While we prefer to receive our orders by email, fax, or phone, the option is available to  Request a quote now.

Q. How quickly will my order ship?

A. We stock many of our products but some products require a longer production time. All lead times must be quoted by product and all custom products may take 8 weeks or longer.