Polyester Rolls


Product Overview

Both rolls can be used with our Lab Drawdown Coater, Hot Melt Coater or Hot Melt Coater Laminator

Rolls can be slit to different widths based on customer specifications

Can be corona treated upon request

1 mil (0.025 mm) thickness roll

  • 12" (30 cm) wide by 1,600 yards (1,460 m) long


2 mil (0.050 mm) thickness rol

  • 12" (30 cm) wide by 800 yards (730 m) long


Polyester supplied in roll form for use with our coating and laminating machines. Use this substrate as an excellent base to work with your test samples or development of new products. We offer 1 mil and 2 mil thicknesses, 12" wide on 3" fiber cores.