Custom Sized Hand Roller


Product Overview

  • Custom Sized Hand Rollers can be supplied with or without rubber covering
  • We offer 4 sizes of Custom Hand Rollers
    • HR-CUST/-5LBS: Custom size roller from 1 Lbs (500gr) to 5 Lbs (2500gr)
    • HR-CUST/-10LBS: Custom size roller from 5.1 Lbs (2501gr) to 10 Lbs (4500gr)
    • HR-CUST/+10LBS: Custom size roller from 10.1 Lbs (4501gr) to 19.9 Lbs (9000gr)
    • HR-CUST/+20LBS: Custom size roller from 20.0 Lbs (9001gr) to 40 Lbs (18000gr)
  • Legs on handle extend beyond the circumference of the roller to protect roller surface
  • Slots on handle allow roller axles to "float" only the weight of the roller during operation
  • Custom Roll Information Sheet needs to be filled out for each roller size.

Custom sized hand roller less than 5 lbs