Custom Sized Hand Roller


Product Overview

  • Custom Sized Hand Rollers can be supplied with or without rubber covering
  • We offer 4 sizes of Custom Hand Rollers
    • HR-CUST/-5LBS: Custom size roller from 1 Lbs (500gr) to 5 Lbs (2500gr)
    • HR-CUST/-10LBS: Custom size roller from 5.1 Lbs (2501gr) to 10 Lbs (4500gr)
    • HR-CUST/+10LBS: Custom size roller from 10.1 Lbs (4501gr) to 19.9 Lbs (9000gr)
    • HR-CUST/+20LBS: Custom size roller from 20.0 Lbs (9001gr) to 40 Lbs (18000gr)
  • Legs on handle extend beyond the circumference of the roller to protect roller surface
  • Slots on handle allow roller axles to "float" only the weight of the roller during operation
  • Custom Roll Information Sheet needs to be filled out for each roller size.

We offer a custom hand roller design service for more unique applications. The weight, diameter and width can be specified by the customer to have a purley individual design for custom testing applications. The surface material and finish can also be specified to be a more or less soft rubber type or even a polished metal surface. The Hand Rollers are manufactured to allow the easy removal of the roll for calibration and replacement purposes. Certificates are issued upon request for any of the hand rollers. The hand roller frame is made of aluminum and is Teflon coated for ease of cleaning and maintenance.