Probe Tack Tester


Product Overview

Machine Details

  • Rugged construction, capable of withstanding the abuse of the production environment
  • Digital speed and distance control
  • Automated test sequence
  • Test Methods – D2979 or custom test methods
  • D2979 test method speed is 24 ipm (10 mm/sec) with a 1 second dwell time
  • Selectable speed range from 6 to 30 ipm (2 - 12 mm/sec) for custom test methods.  Increment value is 1 ipm or 1 mm/sec.
  • Selectable dwell time from 1 to 30 seconds (in increments of 1 second) for custom test methods
  • 5 pound load cell is included with the machine (2 and 10 pound load cells are optional)
  • Accurate to ± 0.1% of load cell range
  • Capable of pulling up to 5 pounds (2.2 Kg)
  • Operating temperature range 32° - 150° F (0° - 70° C)
  • Capable of stand-alone operation with integrated touch display
  • Data can be downloaded to EZ Data software for complete data management
  • 5.7 inch touch screen display
  • Universal input voltage from 85-265 VAC(50/60Hz)

Data Acquisition System

  • The ChemInstruments electronic data acquisition system is a state-of-the-art microprocessor controlled force measurement package that combines accuracy with ease of use. This system simultaneously controls test motion, reads the force of a test from a load cell, digitally displays it and also stores that data in its memory.
  • Samples at 2000Hz, 2 samples are collected, averaged and stored as a data point. A test will generate a data point every 1ms
  • Displays a graph of all measured force values upon completion of a test
  • Displays the high and low measured force results immediately upon completion of a test
  • Export data by USB connection to a local PC with our EZ Data software
  • Displays test values in grams, kilograms, ounces, pounds or Newtons


  • EZ Data Compatible Remote setup, operational control and enhanced data collection are all possible when coupled with our EZ Data management software. This application requires an external PC. (See more information about the EZ-Data product)


Calibration Service

  • Calibration Service is available for this equipment. Contact us for more information.
  • Load cell is easily removable for yearly calibration. 


PT-2000 Equipment Manual




  • Additional load cell capacities available: 2 and 10 pounds
  • PSTC and TLMI testing manuals


  • Height: 18" (46 cm)
  • Width: 13" (33 cm) 
  • Depth: 16" (41 cm) 
  • Weight: 25 lbs (12 Kg)


Some of the more popular test methods that this device is capable of performing:

  • ASTM: D 2979

Full official manual including test methods and cleaning as well as set up for testing of PSA tapes. 16th edition.  PSTC’s Test Methods contains standard procedures for quality control of pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) tape testing in the laboratory and measuring tape performance characteristics. PSTC was founded in 1953 to promote the manufacture of PSA tape products high in quality and performance. PSTC continues to be the leading North American voice in the proper use of pressure sensitive tapes, developing standard nomenclature and establishing test methods.