Test Panels


Product Overview

  • Standard Test Panels
    • 18 gauge, 304 stainless steel with a bright annealed finish
    • Meets the requirements of PSTC Appendage B 2.6 and ASTM A666
    • Has a surface roughness of 2 u” Ra +-1 u”
  • Super Test Panels
    • 18 gauge, 304 stainless steel with a bright annealed finish
    • Cleaned and baked and shipped and wrapped with lint free tissue
    • Polished to a surface roughness of 1.5 u” Ra +- .5 u”

Float plate glass of various standard and custom sizes available to meet FINAT requirements

Various types of metal and plastic materials available for custom applications


Test Panel Information Sheet

Plastic Test Panel Sign Off Sheet

Aluminum Test Panel Sign Off Sheet

Test Panel Drawing (Hole)

Test Panel Drawing (Scribe Line)


Test Panel FAQ'S

Q.  What Test Panels come with Certs?

A.  Only Stainless Steel

Q.  Can Test Panels come in different thicknesses?

A.  No

Q.  Why would my test results vary?

A.  Because cleaning over time can have an effect on the surface roughness, and that can effect results, or the test panel may not be cleaned completely from last testing.

Q.  How do you ensure consistent surface roughness on stainless steel test panels?

A.  We perform surface roughness check on all 4 corners on every 5 sheets.  Each corner is checked with and against the grain.

Q.  What is the life span of plastic panels?

A.  Our lab uses 1 and done with plastic.  Other materials may vary depending on how much testing and cleaning is done.  Contact us with any other questions.

Q.  Have you changed your supplier, ours panels seem to be defective?

A.  No, we have used the same supplier since 1987

Q.  Can we do painted custom panels?

A. No

Q.  How do we clean aluminum/steel test panels?

A.  It can depend on the type of adhesive being used.  Feel free to contact us with questions.

Q.  What type of glass is used for test panels?

A.  We use float glass and not tempered glass.

Q.  Can we get rubber test panels?

A.  No.


Some of the more popular test methods that this device is capable of performing:

  • Used in preparing peel and shear adhesion samples for many test methods.



ChemInstruments offers a wide range of test panels for your testing needs. Our 304 stainless steel panels meet the requirements for ASTM A666, PSTC Appendage B and AFERA specifications. These 18 gauge panels have a Bright Annealed finish and are cut to size for various test methods. All 304 stainless steel panels are 18 gauge thick (0.047" / 1.2 mm). ChemInstruments also offers many other choices of material. Test on the specific substrate your end product will ultimately be applied to for real world results.