Calibration Weights


Product Overview

Calibration Weight Set

  •     Stainless Steel calibration weight set with hooks
  •     Includes a convenient plastic case to store the weights
  •     Set includes a selection of 9 weights:  1 x 10gr, 2 x 20gr, 1 x 50gr, 1 x 100gr, 2 x 200gr, 1 x 500gr, and 1 x 1000gr weight 
  •     Traceable to NIST Class 7 standards (optional certificate is available)

Variable size of weights to use during your Shear Testing.  These are for use with ChemInstruments Shear Testers.  They are designed to hang from your test substrate to test how long it will hold a given weight.  Weights are made out of steel or aluminum.  Steel weights are black oxided and aluminum weights are anodized.